Forensic Dental Services



This page is for barristers, solicitors, police officers, CPS and law authorities who require the services of a forensic dentist. Dr L Ciapparelli is a qualified forensic dentist, experienced expert witness and Expert Witness Directory checked (2007 and 2008).


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Forensic dentistry is the collection, interpretation and presentation of dental evidence. The specific areas of law covered by forensic dentistry are:


Bite Marks

Analysis and identification of suspects in bite mark injuries.
Analysis of animal bite mark injuries.
Bite mark injuries can be analysed on skin and inanimate surfaces such as food (fruit, cheese etc.), wood, plastic, or any material which makes contact with teeth.


Forensic Services Offered

Dr Ciapparelli has a special interest and wide experience in analysis, reporting and court appearances involving dog bite injuries; human bite mark analysis; dental identification including analysis of facial and cranial bones; and dental age determination. Confidential dental identification service and advice to law authorities, foreign governments, including second opinions. Broad academic and practical experience in forensic and animal dentistry. Qualifications include a diploma in forensic dentistry and a law degree. Experience includes identification team member in several international mass transportation accidents, numerous individual instructions for human and animal bite injuries; dental identification and dental age determination of individual and mass disaster victims both home and abroad.


Terms of Service

Initial informal discussion of case and examination of documents, photographs and models is free of charge. If instructed to produce a report fees are agreed on a single flat rate basis. If any pre trial travel is necessary to produce the report, a daily agreed set rate will be charged, plus travel costs. In criminal cases court appearances are paid for by HMCS.


Dr Ciapparelli's forensic CV

Please click here to download Dr Ciapparelli's forensic CV in Word format


Human Identification

Identification of human remains using dental or medical records or by analysis of facial and cranial bones.


Age Determination

Up to the age of 25 years, in cases where no documentation is available, or in dispute, the developing teeth are the most accurate method of age estimation.